Sunday, August 10, 2014

4n6time v.06 - minor update

I posted a new version of 4n6time for Windows only. Download link here:

Not many significant changes. Below is a short summary.
-Using latest plaso "release v.1.1.0" source code base dated early June. Also includes newer versions of the plaso dependencies dated as of early August. 
-Lots of bug fixes and minor GUI tweeks.
-Extended image support (consistent with plaso) for timeline creation. Note file interaction is only supported with Raw disk images atm. 
-Enhanced timeline creation wizard (e.g. disk scanner implementation, parser selection gui, etc.)
-New window/pane to monitor plaso timeline creation process. 
-Lots of other little things, minor speed improvements, etc.

To be honest I did not do as much testing this time around then previous releases so encourage feedback, issues, questions, bugs, whatever just let me know. I just didn't want to delay the release any further. 

I'll also try to work with Kristinn when he gets some time to try to create a linux / SIFT 3.0 release!