Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dav Nads was Nominated!!

Sorry for the lack of log posts biatches but Dav Nads has been busy
wrangling APT hackers and getting nominated for writing "best digital forensic article of year" by the digital forensic incident response community and forensic4cast!!

Here is the article and cheat sheet Dav Nads was nominated for writing on the SANS blog:

Digital Forensics SIFT’ing: Cheating Timelines with log2timeline – David Nides

Please vote for DAV NADS on forensic4cast here:

PS: Dav Nads' dad would always say "no B's no key's" .. he never got a B in English class. #FML

For anyone that wants to catch Dav Nads in action (or buy me drinks!) I will be speaking at both CEIC in Vegas and at SANS DFIR summit in Austin.